Robert D. Gentry
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Photography Rates:

Each photo shoot is different, but in general, I base my rates on Property Square Feet, Lot Size, and Location. Feel free to email me with questions. Email is the fastest way to reach me, or text.

*Please note: I don't shoot weddings, animals, headshots, or people... Just Real Estate and Architectural Photography.


Quite often, many people think that I show up, snap a few photos, take them home and download the files from the camera and then they're done. It's nothing like that. It might only take an hour or so to photograph the property, but the real work begins when I get home. Photographing a 1500 sq ft house can often be an 8 hour day of photo processing.


A Little Bit About Me:

My largest asset (or perhaps downfall) is that I want to learn and do everything! As a teenager, I learned to play piano, guitar and became a singer/songwriter/producer. I’ve had Major Recording Deals (Interscope/Farmclub) and have been fortunate enough to get to perform before such acts as Ringo Starr, Heart, The Pretenders, REO Speedwagon, Edwin McCain, Rod McKuen, etc… I’ve also won various music awards, and I’ve been on national TV shows as an artist, and with song placements in Primetime TV [For Music Highlights, please check out].

I studied Art at University of Michigan and I’ve used some of that knowledge to help further my music career. To make any sort of real progress with music, I needed things like photography, websites, videos, graphics, social media, video editing, and sound editing. But living many years as a Starving Artist, I cut corners by learning these things on my own, and eventually, I offered these services as a Freelancer.

Within months, Photography took over my life and I now just focus on Real Estate and Architectural Photography.


At the moment, I'm shooting with a Sony Alpha 7R II